Charleston Area Hotels

Charleston Reservations provides local reservation booking services (without any booking fees) at the hotels listed below. We have inspected all hotels, and can quickly recommend and book your stay hopefully within your trip lodging budget. Be prepared to pay over $300 per night on the weekends, while prices during the week are a little better. Charleston is now the #1 travel destination ranked by Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure Magazines. If our agents are busy helping other clients by calling 800-310-1292, please leave us a message so we may call you back or use our reservation request. If you are looking at group rooms, please use our online form to receive hotel proposals.

Highlight Features

Stay in Historic Charleston, and request reservation assistance.

So many things to see and do in the historic Charleston district.

Charleston offers so many wonderful places to dine.

From Charleston cruise on Carnival to the Bahamas.